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Cocktail Party Playlist. With The Girls!

By Night Music DJ and Fizzy Cat Photo Booth | November 23, 2021

Cocktail Party Playlist. With The Girls!


The holidays are are coming, and before you jump in to your favorite vat of holiday music, try this cocktail party playlist. Several of our favorite ladies have released some fantastic tracks lately, and we wanted to share them with you. This is our ongoing series of carefully curated cocktail party playlists designed to give you some great ideas for your next gathering.


We call this playlist With The Girls. Come on, who doesn’t want to be with the girls?



Can’t see the playlist below? Click HERE to go to our Spotify page.


We have a lot of curated playlists to help inspire you when choosing music for your special celebration. You can find them HERE.

Ballroom Blitz at VUE Columbus

By Night Music DJ and Fizzy Cat Photo Booth | September 7, 2021

Ballroom Blitz at VUE Columbus


We love sharing cool new ideas that are designed to make your wedding memorable, fun and stress free. Here is a good one! So many of our couples have asked us for suggestions to manage fun and fast table visits after dinner.  We know it can be done, but it can be tricky, that’s for sure.


We were thrilled when our recent couple Micah and Luke brought us the idea of “The Ballroom Blitz”!  It worked great, and was really fun for the newlyweds and their guests.


Introducing … “The Ballroom Blitz”!


VUE Columbus Wedding _ Micah and Luke

After dinner, immediately following the toasts, DJ Steve explained the activity to the guests.  He let them know that Micah and Luke were so happy to see everyone, and that they were going to make their way around the entire room, stopping by each table to say hello and thank you!  He also told the guests what once Micah and Luke completed their rounds, they would be cutting the cake followed shortly by dancing!  (*Note:  We LOVE to let the guests know what’s happening.  It really makes everyone feel part of the fun).


The guests began applauding as DJ Steve said “They’re off!” and played the song “Ballroom Blitz” by Sweet.  Because Micah and Luke were 100% committed to this fun idea, it worked perfectly, and everyone had a blast! Everyone understood this was going to be a whirlwind visit, so no one had hurt feelings for a short “hello”.  Mission accomplished:  each guest and every table got a visit from the bride and groom!


Thank you Micah and Luke for trusting us to make your idea perfect for you and your friends and family.  And for letting us share this with others.  We will definitely suggest this again!


Looking for other creative and unique ideas for your wedding? Check out our FUN IDEAS.


Thank you VUE Columbus  and Jenna Fisher Photography!


Columbus Wedding DJ Pricing Guide

By Night Music DJ and Fizzy Cat Photo Booth | June 7, 2021


When planning for your wedding, you’ve probably noticed that the prices for wedding DJs are all over the map. Columbus Ohio has a lot of wedding DJs charging a wide range of prices for their services anywhere from $500 to $2,900. That’s a huge difference!  

The aim of this Columbus Wedding DJ pricing guide is to help you discover the type of services you can expect from wedding DJs at varying price points, and how to find a DJ that you feel comfortable and confident with on your big day.

You can find venues, florists, hair stylists, and wedding DJs in every price range. But does that mean one is as good as the other? What is the difference?

The prices listed below are simply guidelines, and can help you determine what various Columbus wedding DJ prices likely indicate. Keep in mind that these prices are based on peak Saturday’s. Many companies offer reduced prices for non-peak celebrations.

Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center Wedding

The dance floor was LIT at Nikki and Tom’s fun reception.   Limelight Studios


Expect to Pay: $500-$1,000

The budget DJ is likely a part-timer, often someone who is just starting out in the business. This may not be the best idea for something as crucial to your wedding as the DJ

Of course, if your professional DJ friend is only charging you $500 as a favor to you, that’s a different story. But wedding DJs in this price range are typically just starting out. They’re probably doing this part-time as a side gig and may not even be a registered business or have insurance. 

You might also find DJs in this price range that are part of a high volume company with low prices and average standards.


Expect to Pay: $1,000-$1,600

This is the national average for a wedding DJ. Most average DJs are mid-range DJs. You’ll find many of the larger “McDonalds” of DJ companies in this price bracket. Companies that send out several DJs who are likely part time weekend warriors. 

Perhaps more experienced than the budget DJ, but they may not have the same commitment to excellence as the full time, professional individual. 

You might still find a gem in this group, however. We all start somewhere. Make sure you do your research and vet them thoroughly before signing a contract.


Expect To Pay: $1,600-$2,900

Professional, full-time “Master” DJs with superior MC and mixing skills are making this money for a reason. They are talented, experienced, and 100% committed to making sure the weddings they do are PERFECT. They are dedicated to the success of every celebration, and take the time to understand their clients to deliver exceptional results.  

A master at live mixing, the full-time professional DJ is constantly in tune with the latest music, and trending throwbacks. As an MC, they can balance the perfect amount of energy and enthusiasm with refinement and integrity for an unforgettable upscale wedding celebration. 

Putting a once-in-a-lifetime event in the hands of a true professional is often the best choice. Compared to the cost of many other excellent wedding vendors, the full-time professional DJ is a superior value. 

VUE Columbus Wedding

DJ Jodi get’s Sam and Matt’s bridal party ready for the festivities.  Travis Stewart photography


For the most part, the average wedding DJ costs about what they’re worth. But do you really want an “average” DJ? It’s also worth pointing out that there are poor-quality, amateur DJs charging way more than they should. This is why it’s so important to interview potential DJs to get a feel of whether they will be the right fit for you.

Make sure you focus on the DJ’s experience, skill and personality as well as their prices. Bear in mind that your wedding DJ’s prices will change if you’re getting additional services like lighting packages or a photo booth

Remember, your DJ/MC will have a microphone in a room full of your friends and family. Make sure you can trust them to be a poised and enthusiastic public speaker without drawing undue attention to themselves, saying embarrassing things, or yelling at your guests in an attempt to get them “pumped up”. 

If you only ask yourself “What does a wedding DJ cost?” you’ll only be getting half the picture. You also need to consider what your DJ can do for you, and what the right professional DJ can add to your perfect wedding day.

Find out more about the Night Music team.

Night Music DJs Reopening Hilliard Office

By Night Music DJ and Fizzy Cat Photo Booth | April 19, 2021

Can you tell that we’re excited?

Night Music DJs Reopening Hilliard Office! We’re happy to announce that beginning May 3rd, we are reopening our Hilliard area office for in person consultations and meetings.

Night Music DJs Jodi and Steve

We have really missed the face-to-face visits and planning interactions with our clients and industry friends, and we are thrilled to be able to invite people back to our comfortable office. Of course, we will be following all safety guidelines, so, no worries.

By the way, if a simple phone call or Zoom meeting works better for you, it works better for us.  We always want to make things easy for you!

Let’s talk soon ~ Reach out here

Brooke + Troy’s FUN Columbus Wedding Vows

By Night Music DJ and Fizzy Cat Photo Booth | March 29, 2021

Brooke + Troy’s FUN Columbus Wedding Vows.

How about some personalized FUN at your wedding reception?

We love when our clients have creative ideas to personalize their wedding receptions. Helping to create fun and memories is exactly what we do!

Brooke and Troy were planning for their wedding and reception at the beautiful Grand Event Center in Grandview, and they knew they wanted to include their wedding party of best friends in a fun and unique way. Boy, did they ever!

Brooke + Troy's FUN Columbus Wedding

The epic dance party at Brooke + Troy’s wedding

Several months before their wedding, they asked each member of their wedding party this: “If you were going to write the vows for our wedding, what would you write? We need your help!” Brooke and Troy asked their friends to be creative and fun, and not to worry about being too silly or even heartwarming. They love and trust their friends, and were excited for their input.

Their friends actually had fun with this assignment, and forwarded to Brooke and Troy some outrageous, hilarious, and memorable ideas for the couple to use as inspiration when writing their wedding vows. Many months passed as the wedding date drew closer, and most of the wedding party had forgotten exactly what they had written, or had forgotten the “Vow Assignment” completely!

On the day of the wedding, a good friend officiated Brooke and Troy’s wedding ceremony complete with vows they had written themselves. Everyone loved the special moment.

The reception began with a lively cocktail hour, a scrumptious dinner, and a couple of sweet toasts. Now, it was time to begin dancing! But first, Brooke and Troy had a fun moment planned that their guests would not forget!

FUN Columbus Wedding Idea

Everyone LOVED the wedding vows!

Their wedding officiant friend, with some help from DJ Steve, called Brooke and Troy and the entire wedding party to the dance floor. “Before dancing begins, our newlyweds would like to hear their wedding vows one more time!” Then as a surprise, each member of the wedding party was handed the exact vows they had written for Brooke and Troy, and were instructed to read them out loud. The results were hilarious, and incredibly sweet, and memorable. It was a blast – but very moving at the same time! None of the guest will ever forget this special moment!

The dance party kicked off right after that with everyone really ready to celebrate. We loved it! What do you think?

We can help make your Columbus wedding reception successful. We focus on YOUR STYLE – YOUR MUSIC – and YOUR PARTY

Brittany and Grant’s Scioto Reserve Wedding

By Night Music DJ and Fizzy Cat Photo Booth | February 4, 2021

Brittany and Grant’s Scioto Reserve wedding.

They did it … they had their EPIC wedding day! Today we look back to Brittany and Grant’s Scioto Reserve wedding. We were so honored to help make their wedding dreams come true!

Night Music DJ Style and Story Scioto Reserve Country Club

No Secrets From The DJ

When we have planning sessions with our couples, we always joke “NO secrets from the DJ”! Seriously, the more we know, the better everything will be. So, we talk and listen and really get to know our couples. We encourage them to share inside jokes, family dynamics, special dating memories, and any fun ideas they are imagining for their ceremony or reception. Of course, this is in addition to really understanding their musical tastes of songs and artists they like … and don’t like. When the wedding day arrives, we want our couples to feel 100% confident that we are completely on their side, understand them, and will absolutely work to make everything perfect!

Night Music DJ Style and Story Scioto Reserve Country Club

A Clear Vision

Brittany and Grant came to Night Music with a ton of experience attending and being in weddings. They had a very clear vision for the romantic outdoor ceremony and blowout dance party they wanted for their celebration! DJ Jodi was thrilled to take their ideas and dreams, and work with them to plan how it would all come together.

Night Music DJ Style and Story Scioto Reserve Country Club

What a blast!

All night the dance floor was PACKED and time flew. This really was a fantastic night, and we are so thankful that Brittany and Grant trusted us to make it all work! You can tell from the pictures that this was an EPIC and unforgettable wedding!

Thank you also Brittany for sharing such a great recap. Keep reading below to enjoy the review that made DJ Jodi blush!


When DJ really means Divine Jodi

Jodi was nothing short of amazing! We had two meetings with her prior to the wedding. One is normal but we requested a second meeting because we had a few special requests that we needed to discuss with Jodi. She was very generous with her time to hear out our crazy ideas. We wanted to do a basketball theme bridal entrance which meant Jodi would have to play announcer- she did AMAZING and helped us execute perfectly! Next, we did a bridal (money) dance and Jodi explained how the dance worked so that all guests knew what was happening and what they should be doing. Lastly, we asked to do a sprinkle send in (that’s right, not a send off) in the middle of the reception, after the bridal dance and before the evening of dancing began. Jodi warned us that this could be a risky move because guests may end up leaving since they will already be outside, but she encouraged us to go with our “out of the norm” idea as long as the bridal party led the rest of the guests to the dance floor to kick off a night of dancing. I’m glad she expressed her possible concern because it caused us to really think it over. Once we decided to go with it (prior to wedding day), she helped direct guests by explaining what all would be happening during the send in and afterwards on the dance floor. Ultimately, Jodi set expectations for our guests throughout the night and kept them informed. Jodi played only the music we requested (for the dance floor part of the night) and it was amazing! During dinner, I didn’t have a specific list of songs, so she played a delightful mix of classic dinner music. It was nice not having to stress about those songs, she just played what felt right. Once we all hit the dance floor, some people went up to make song suggestions, but she politely declined if it wasn’t something we had on our list for the night. She was always looking out for us! Jodi was very professional and a pleasure to work with. Not to mention a female DJ is bad a$$! My two oldest sisters had Steve (Jodi’s husband) as their wedding DJ. When Steve wasn’t available for our date, we were excited to meet Jodi and let me tell you, it’s no wonder Steve is a great DJ because Jodi was his rockstar teacher! They are a power DJ couple! Thank you Jodi for helping to make our wedding run so smoothly and for cranking out the tunes!

Night Music DJ Style and Story Scioto Reserve Country Club

Thanks to Scioto Reserve Country Club and the fantastic Ann Marie. Contact her for YOUR Scioto Reserve wedding. Thanks to pianist Steve Banks for providing cocktail music, and a big thanks to Style and Story for these great images. Use these tools like Brittany and Grant did when planning your wedding.

The Sanctuary On Neil. Coming in 2021!

By Night Music DJ and Fizzy Cat Photo Booth | December 14, 2020

The Sanctuary On Neil

As proof that good things ARE happening in 2021, we are thrilled to share that The Sanctuary on Neil is coming soon!

When we heard that multi-million dollar renovations were beginning at The Sanctuary on Neil, we asked Sales Manager, Kylie Yarberry if we could have a behind the scenes sneak peak. She was delighted to accommodate our curiosity and quickly arranged it all. We used to live in the area, and we were always fascinated by this beautiful old church.

The Sancuary On Neil - Night Music DJ

It’s possible that you’ve passed by this venue, because it sits at the gateway to Victorian Village on the corner of Goodale Street and Neil Avenue. The building features still-gorgeous muted tone stained glass windows throughout. Once inside, you will love the warm and beautiful woodwork featured everywhere. Now… about that location! Your guests will really feel like they are in the middle of the most popular areas of Columbus. Sanctuary on Neil is so close to Goodale Park and the popular Short North Arts District in one direction, and just a couple of blocks from Nationwide Arena, The LC, Huntington Park and (next year!) the NEW Crew Stadium in another direction!

The Sanctuary On Neil - Night Music DJ

Renovations are underway at The Sanctuary On Neil

Check It Out

The main wedding and receptions areas will be gorgeous with hardwood floors and chandeliers for a modern and elegant feel. And, we love the variety of framed mirrors that are planned to decorate the staircases. This area is spacious enough for 175 guests, with plenty of room to mingle, dine, socialize and dance! We can’t wait. And, speaking of dancing, ballroom dance experts, Danceville USA will be a tenant of the building, and there are plans to offer some dance pointers to wedding couples and their wedding parties. That sounds fun!

The Sanctuary On Neil - Fizzy Cat Photo Booth

Renovations are underway at The Sanctuary On Neil

We encourage you to get in touch with Kylie and The Sanctuary on Neil team for a tour, to check available 2021 dates, or to be notified about the future Grand Opening and Open Houses!

Congratulations to everyone involved in bringing this new venue to Columbus. We’re so excited to work with you and help create amazing weddings and receptions!

Jorgensen Farms Micro Wedding Special

By Night Music DJ and Fizzy Cat Photo Booth | October 19, 2020

Jorgensen Farms Micro Wedding Special

Imagine your beautiful wedding at Jorgensen Farms. It’s so easy to picture your Happy-Ever-After starting there, because it is such a stunning venue! We are thrilled to partner with our friends at Jorgensen Farms to help create your perfect wedding magic with the just announced Jorgensen Farms Micro Wedding Special!

Night Music DJs and Fizzy Cat Photo Booth are each offering Micro Wedding Packages exclusively for Jorgensen Farms during this very special promotion. Beginning in November, and running until February, you can take advantage of extreme savings while having your wedding and reception at one of Central Ohio’s premiere wedding venues.

Jorgensen Farms Micro Wedding Special 2020-2021

Your intimate winter wedding will be the wedding of your dreams if you allow the Night Music experienced DJs to craft the perfect musical soundtrack created just for you! We will provide the highest quality sound for your wedding vows, seamlessly transitioning into socializing during cocktails and dinner, and ending with a fun dance party designed just for you and your friends and family! And, with Fizzy Cat Photo Booth along for the fun, your guests will have a blast taking the highest quality of photos of your special day.

Jorgensen Farms has two beautiful, yet distinctly unique venues at the farm, so, the only question now is … which GORGEOUS Jorgensen Farms venue to choose?

The Historic Barn

Jorgensen Farms Historic Barn

The Historic Barn venue is divided into four unique areas. The Potting Shed and Patio welcomes guests onto a cozy brick patio made from reclaimed materials. The Arena provides rustic charm for your wedding or event; the versatile Main Barn post and beam structure offers a unique area for appetizers, indoor dancing, seating and more. The Flower Field stretches across half an acre with expansive flower beds that bloom throughout the seasons, and holds space for maximum seating.

Oak Grove

Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove

Oak Grove is one of a kind in Central Ohio. Its historical greenhouse offers a magical open-air experience. Just a few steps from the greenhouse is The Cottage and the Main Hall with a modern glass wall connecting it to the beautiful outdoors. The Open Air Patio and Courtyard catch shade from nearby century-old oak trees and warmth from the fire pit. Grace Pond, a beautiful backdrop for photography, completes the serene atmosphere.

Thanks to Jorgensen Farms for wanting the best for their clients, and partnering with us to create special memories!  Please reach out soon via email or phone to check your date, as available dates are limited!

We can’t wait for your wedding!

Cocktails and Music? Rooftop Rosé Playlist.

By Night Music DJ and Fizzy Cat Photo Booth | September 10, 2020

Cocktails and Music! Try our Rooftop Rosé playlist to relax your soul. A specially curated collection of smooth and hip mod-pop just bubbly enough to ease you through these crazy times.


Night Music Columbus DJ Rooftop Rose Playlist

We imagine enjoying this playlist along with any delicious Rosé, preferably sipped on the highest elevation possible, or simply a patio or deck. Currently, our go-to is Dreaming Tree from Dave Matthews’ Winery. Yeah, THAT Dave Matthews. It’s a dry California Rosé that is soft blush pink in color, with delicate floral and tropical aromas. It is crisp and light in body with fresh, fruity flavors of watermelon, strawberry, and nectarine. Delish!

So, now about that rooftop. Before the pandemic put our social lives on hold, Columbus’ rooftop scene was really starting to flourish. Lincoln Social, RH Rooftop, and Vaso are just a few of our favorites. In fact, if you haven’t checked out Vaso at Bridge Park in Dublin, you definitely should! Our friend DJ Dayna spins the perfect tunes there every Friday night, with great sunset views. While you’re there, stick with our Rosé plan and try their Renaissance Rosé.

Or, simply stay relaxed and safe and do your listening and sipping at home. Put a comfy chair or cozy blanket on the stoop or deck, give yourself a generous “club pour”, hit play on our Rooftop Rosé playlist, and enjoy!


Need more cool tunes? Try Guacamole Mix on for size.

Music and Microphones for your Wedding Ceremony

By Night Music DJ and Fizzy Cat Photo Booth | June 22, 2020


Microphones for your wedding ceremony. You have worked hard to plan every detail for your wedding. You’ve spent  a lot of creative energy making sure everything will be perfect. Guests have traveled from all over to share in your special day. So let us take care of ensuring that your guests can hear your officiant and your vows! A sound system with strategically placed microphones is key to making sure that  everyone at your ceremony can clearly hear every word. 

Franklin Park Conservatory Wedding


At Night Music, we offer a ceremony sound system to address your audio needs. We will place a superior wireless lavalier microphone on your officiant. This tri-directional microphone will not only pick up your officiant, but also you and your spouse as you say your vows to each other. We will put an additional wireless microphone on a stand for any special readings or speeches.

Wells Barn Wedding Ceremony with Night Music DJ


Your wedding music selections can be as traditional or as modern as you like … or even a combination of feels and styles to perfectly reflect you and your personalities.  When we program the music and DJ your wedding ceremony, we will be responsible for the smooth mixing and timing of your carefully chosen prelude, processional and recessional songs for the perfect soundtrack to your ceremony.

Our RESOURCES page has many good ideas, and is a great place to start when planning your ceremony music.  To get you started, here is a sample playlist of some contemporary songs performed by modern instrumental groups. And always, let us know how we can help!  

Tyler and Justin’s beautiful gorgeous ceremony above was at Wells Barn at Franklin Park Conservatory. Photos by Nicole Dixon Photographic