Visiting your wedding guests

Visiting your wedding guests.

So many guests … so little time.

Our wedding couples sometimes ask us how they can visit with or thank all of their guests during the reception. These are dear family and friends who have traveled to celebrate this big day, but, with a limited amount of time, this can be a tough task. As a worried bride once told us “We have 120 guests. If we talk to each one for a minute, that’s two hours. What are we going to do?” By the way, we figured that one out, and her Visit-Guests-Mission was accomplished using one of these ideas below.

Visiting your wedding guests

Kelly and Tyler say HI to their guests. Photo by Story Told Photography

Here are a few ideas we have seen in action.

The perfect idea for visiting your wedding guests might be here, or this might spark another solution that is JUST RIGHT for your wedding.

1) Release rows or pews from the wedding ceremony
2) Receiving line after the ceremony or into the reception
3) Casual socializing during cocktail hour
4) Table Visits.
5) Table Touches
6) Ballroom Blitz, with a set amount of time (usually about 15 to 20 minutes total)
7) Table Photo Challenge (usually less than 5 minutes)
8) Thank You Toast from the couple to the guests on the microphone
9) Just knowing you’ll catch up with friends and family at the dessert table, the bar or on the dance floor!

If you have any questions about making one of these ideas work, just let us know. In fact, check out the the Ballroom Blitz HERE. And always, remember to talk with us about your vision and hopes for your celebration. We are happy to consult and brainstorm with you to make it all come true!

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