Sound Systems

Our professional grade sound systems are mounted in attractive road cases and include quality components that produce superb sound reproduction and consistent reliability. Standard systems include everything we need to make your celebration successful including two speakers, digital controller/mixer, wireless microphone, and a complete digital music library that is customized for your specific party. This system is perfect for small to mid-sized event venues. This photo shows how our system integrates nicely into the beautiful Derby Court at the Columbus Museum of Art.


Additional Sound

This is our most popular option. Adding speakers to our standard system distributes sound more efficiently across larger areas or when it is necessary to properly disburse sound in venues that are uniquely shaped. We strongly recommend this for mid-sized to larger venues. Some venues may not be acoustically appropriate for a two-speaker sound system, and adding speakers may be necessary. Call us for advice pertaining to your specific reception facility. This photo shows the addition of two speakers to adequately deliver the appropriate amount of sound for a lager venue like Walter's Commons.

Dance Lighting

When lighting a dance area we consider it important to offer lighting systems that are designed to enhance your dancing area with color and movement. We do not use strobes, sirens, fog or anything that may be inappropriate at most wedding celebrations. Our systems consist of LED color-wash lighting effects that deliver rich, full color and can be programmed to the rhythm of the music. Also included are two "starball" effects that project thin beams of light that rotate throughout the dance area. Simple and elegant, these lighting components can add a dramatic effect that can greatly enhance the energy on your dance floor. With the sparkling skyline of downtown Columbus as the backdrop, The Ivory Room at Miranova was the perfect location for Jessa and Ryan to celebrate their elegant Great Gatsby feel wedding... and the blow out dance party that went right along with it.



Add beautiful elements of color and light to your venue. We create custom event lighting designs using programmable LED up-lights. From simple to extravagant, up-lighting can greatly enhance the atmosphere of your party. Your design is customized for your specific event location. This is a photo of the Wells Barn at Brooke and Andrew's wedding ceremony with blue up-lights.

Ceremony Sound

Our ceremony systems are perfect for providing music and microphones for your nuptials. We provide a wireless lapel microphone for your Officiant as well as a wireless microphone on a stand for readers or singers. We can also supply all of your chosen music for your prelude, processionals, and recessional. This service is available when the ceremony is at the same property as the reception, but located in a different area or room. This photo is a ceremony in the lobby of the Westin Hotel.


Cocktail Party Sound

Planning on a cocktail party in a different room than your reception? Make sure that the music is right by adding a cocktail party sound system. We will program the music to your specific needs, and make sure your event gets off to a great beginning. This photo is a cocktail party on the stage of the Great Southern Theatre held before the guests attend the reception in the Westin ballroom.

Fizzy Cat Photo Booth

Fizzy Cat is a modern OPEN photo booth experience without curtains or walls to block out the fun. A photo booth where you can see the smiles and shenanigans happening right before your eyes. Some booths look like something the cat dragged in, but Fizzy Cat has a sleek and stylish design. Free yourself from cramped black (litter) boxes, so that you and your guests can enjoy an amazing and unique experience on your special day. Get out from behind the curtain and enjoy the fun!


Custom Monogram

For that WOW factor, consider adding a custom monogram. This is an elegant and fun way to add a unique touch to your wedding reception. We offer dozens of beautiful designs to choose from. Your guests will love this unique element that can complement any decor.