Fizzy Cat Photo Booth


What is Fizzy Cat?

The coolest, most stylish photo booth experience in Central Ohio.

Does Fizzy Cat print those tiny, little photo strips?

No! Those are terrible. Fizzy only prints large, beautiful single image 4” x 6” prints.

What about props?

Fizzy Cat brings a fabulous mixture of fun props. Your Photo Concierge will help your guests choose just the right props for just the right photo from our Cool and Unique collection, to make sure each photo is, well, cool and unique. Purrfect.

Hold on. What’s a Photo Concierge?

Your awesome Fizzy Cat professional who has one goal; to properly and purrfectly serve you and your guests.

So, what are “Cool and Unique” props?

Puppets. Hats. Cat Toys. Frames. Playful, lovable and quirky stuff.

Does Fizzy Cat go outside?

Sorry, but Fizzy Cat is an indoor photo booth.

How many people can fit in one picture?

So far, we’ve had 12 people in the booth at one time, but we think your guests can probably beat that.

What is Live View touch screen?

All of Fizzy’s commands are simply operated by touch screen. Guests can see their photo on the screen just before it’s snapped. Super fun and easy.

How much time is needed for set up?

We only need one hour to set up before the photo fun begins. And, Fizzy Cat never charges for set-up or tear-down time… only “Playtime”.

How much room does Fizzy Cat need?

10 feet wide by 9 feet deep with a solid floor is necessary. Fizzy Cat needs to be within 30 feet from a standard 120V 3-prong electrical outlet.

The FIZZY CAT and FULL FURBALL packages include one hour of idle time. What is that?

Idle time is when you may not need photo booth fun during a certain time in your event, for example during your dinner hour. In that case FIZZY CAT takes a nap during dinner, and then wakes up for more playtime after dinner.

OK. So how do I book Fizzy Cat for my celebration?

Simply click CONTACT and fill out our reservation inquiry to check Fizzy’s availability for your date. We’ll send you a booking form to receive a contract. An advance payment of $300 is required to reserve Fizzy Cat for your party.

Can I meet Fizzy Cat?

We were hoping you would ask that. Fizzy Cat lives right here in our office. Give us a call (614.529.6777) or shoot us an email ( and let’s set up a time for you to meet Fizzy Cat, and have a couple of photos taken, too.

Is Fizzy Cat as awesome as she sounds?

Yes 🙂