The Wedding Dress Bustle

Can we talk about the Wedding Dress Bustle?  

Hooks, Ties, Buttons, Oh My!

Your GORGEOUS wedding dress with that stunning train will look amazing in your ceremony photos! We LOVE it. But at some point, that stunning train will need to be bustled so that you can transition from your ceremony elegance to your reception ready beauty. Once your train is securely and beautifully bustled, you will be comfortable, and ready to fully enjoy every moment of your reception without worries!  

Chances are, your wedding dress bustle will be designed and added at one of your fittings. And because there are so many ways to add a beautiful bustle, we can’t give you direction on how to accomplish this. Rather, we want to encourage you to make sure you have a trusted team ready to take care of you and easily handle this job on your wedding day. The goals here: happy bride, beautiful gown, and no bustle-drama!  


Wedding Dress Bustle photo

Have a Wedding Dress Bustle Party

We think a genius trend is the Wedding Dress Bustle Party! It’s simple … a couple of weeks before your wedding, gather your favorite beverages and a few snacks. Invite AT LEAST four of your  bridesmaids or special friends, maybe a fun and capable aunt, and your mom. Model your beautiful gown, and then have each of them practice bustling your dress alone or in teams! It will make for a fun get together, and on your wedding day you will have several people who can confidently take care of you and your bustle!

If this idea isn’t possible, try to take AT LEAST two people to your final fitting, and practice the bustle a few times before leaving. Also (and we’re not kidding) take some pictures and a video of the process, no matter how simple it seems.  

Why Practice Bustling?

Simply put, the bustle can take up too much precious time on your big day if no one knows how to do it, leading to some frustrations. Your perfectly planned reception, beautifully decorated room, excited guests, delicious food, and more can all be thrown off if the bustling process is taking too long, or if no one knows how to do it. With a little preparation and a tiny bit of practicing, this moment will be fun and simple and will prevent wedding day bustle-drama.   Happy, beautiful, confident – yes please!

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