The Anniversary Dance at your wedding reception

The Anniversary Dance at your wedding reception

Do you love the idea of including an Anniversary Dance at your wedding reception? Taking a moment to celebrate all of the married couples can be very special. If you think you might like to include this in your celebration, we offer a few different suggestions to make this happen. 

The Anniversary Dance at Bryn Du Mansion

Chloe and Cameron enjoy the Anniversary Dance with their guests at Bryn Du Mansion. Photo by Lauren Anne Photography

Anniversary Dance Idea #1    

For a fun moment, it’s great to kick things off with the most recently married couple – YOU!  We then slowly call out years of marriage, and invite your married friends and family to join in. By continuing to add couples to the dancefloor we create some excitement and a full dancefloor! This works perfectly if the longest married couple is not able to dance for the entire song, or if they would be uncomfortable by themselves on the dancefloor. Once we find the longest married couple, we make sure they receive lots of applause and love from your guests! 

Anniversary Dance Idea #2 

Some couples like the idea of starting the Anniversary Dance with all of the married couples on the dancefloor, and then slowly asking couples to step to the sides as we call out years. It’s so fun to see fewer and fewer couples on the floor, and try to guess who’s been married the longest!  This is perfect if you think the longest married couple at your wedding would love a spotlight moment by themselves on the dancefloor!. It’s a special applause moment, for sure! We then bring everyone back to continue your fun dance party.

Dancing at the Athletic Club of Columbus

The Anniversary Dance fills the dance floor at Chelsea and Jamie’s Athletic Club of Columbus wedding. Photo by Stephanie Kase.

“Can we do this without the dancing part?”    YES you can! 

We’ve coordinated this activity as an interactive way to kick off the dinner hour, or to have a little fun before dancing begins. Inviting all of the married couples to stand up at their tables is a very easy way to involve everyone, and get a great photo!  As our favorite newlyweds, you will be invited to sit down first, slowly followed by other couples in order of how long they’ve been married. Finally, the last couple standing is recognized and applauded as the couple who has been married the longest. We love the newlyweds to pose for a picture with the longest marrieds – this is a great time for that! 

Columbus Museum of Art Wedding Dance

Alexa and Michael start the Anniversary Dance at their Columbus Museum of Art wedding. Photo by Style and Story.


 Think of your friends and family members. Do any long married couples come to mind who might enjoy a special dance? Does that sound fun to you? Make sure to let us know if you would like to add this to your celebration. We promise to make it great! Need some more activity ideas for your wedding reception? CHECK THESE OUT!

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