Kids at the wedding reception.

Kids at the wedding reception?  Here is one of our favorite things to do.

When there are lots of children at the reception, we have found a great way to include them.  Before the special dances, we invite all of the kids to come close to the dance floor, and get their front row seats.  This makes the kids feel important, makes for a great picture, and also manages to keep the kids together and off the dance floor for those spotlight moments.  Win win win!

Kids at the wedding. Night Music Wedding DJ

Here is the DJ’s view of the first dance at Kayla & Caleb’s recent celebration with kids at the wedding.
Darling, right?

We have a lot of great ideas to help you navigate your wedding reception plan. Our years of quality experience can be a wonderful resource for you when planning your big day. Need some help? Need some advice? Just ask. Give us a call at 614-529-6777, or visit our website for a lot of great ideas.

Check out this service

Take a look at services like Social Sitters to look after the children during the wedding. They both entertain & supervise the children in a designated area in or near the wedding reception before and after your wedding meal. It will help you and your guests relax and enjoy the wedding reception knowing the kids are staying out of trouble but most of all having fun!


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