Columbus Weddings Show 2016 – Advance Discount Tickets Available

A ROOM FULL OF EXPERTS! How to make the most of The Columbus Weddings Show.

Columbus Weddings Show

Visiting the Columbus Weddings Show? This is the place where you will have complete access to countless years of wedding and reception experience, and the professionals who love to be a part of the magic. This year’s show is at the Battelle Ballroom of the Greater Columbus Convention Center on Saturday, January 23rd from 10am to 5pm, and Sunday, January 24th from 12pm to 5pm.

Visit Night Music at Booth 519 and meet FIZZY CAT, our photo studio experience.

Some advise when attending the Columbus Weddings Show.

Use the experts.  It would be nearly impossible for you to assemble a panel of wedding experts on your own, but feel free to use the vendors at the show like they’re are all yours!

  • Get the tux guys to give you the scoop on formal (tux) versus casual (suit or just a vest) options, and the cost breakdown on renting versus buying.
  • Ask the reception facilities about parking or room layout and quiz the caterers about a crazy menu item the chef prepared for a fun couple, or the next foodie trend.
  • Have the travel and honeymoon experts tell you places to avoid (Hurricane season?  Crazy airports? ) or suggest underused places that are gems!
  • See if the florist will tell you the biggest bang for your buck flowers.
  • Ask the DJ for suggestions for a fun grand entrance song, or some cool trends for dinner music.
  • Ask cake bakers about favorite or unique flavor combos.

We all really do love to talk about weddings – and would rather chat than “sell you” … seriously!

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