Columbus Wedding DJ Pricing Guide


When planning for your wedding, you’ve probably noticed that the prices for wedding DJs are all over the map. Columbus Ohio has a lot of wedding DJs charging a wide range of prices for their services anywhere from $1,200 to $4,900. That’s a huge difference!  

The aim of this Columbus Wedding DJ pricing guide is to help you discover the type of services you can expect from wedding DJs at varying price points, and how to find a DJ that you feel comfortable and confident with on your big day.

You can find venues, florists, hair stylists, and wedding DJs in every price range. But does that mean one is as good as the other? What is the difference?

The prices listed below are simply guidelines, and can help you determine what various Columbus wedding DJ prices likely indicate. Keep in mind that these prices are based on peak Saturday’s. Some companies offer reduced prices for non-peak celebrations.


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Expect to Pay: $1,200-$1,700

The budget DJ is likely a part-timer, often someone who is just starting out in the business. This may not be the best idea for something as crucial to your wedding as the DJ

Of course, if your professional DJ friend is only charging you $500 as a favor to you, that’s a different story. But wedding DJs in this price range are typically just starting out. They're probably doing this part-time as a side gig and may not even be a registered business or have insurance. 

You might also find DJs in this price range that are part of a high volume company with low prices and average standards.


Expect to Pay: $1,800-$2,400

This is the national average for a wedding DJ. Most average DJs are mid-range DJs. You’ll find many of the larger “McDonalds” of DJ companies in this price bracket. Companies that send out several DJs who are likely part time weekend warriors

Perhaps more experienced than the budget DJ, but they may not have the same commitment to excellence as the full time, professional individual. 

You might still find a gem in this group, however. We all start somewhere. Make sure you do your research and vet them thoroughly before signing a contract.


Expect To Pay: $2,500 + 

Professional, full-time “Master” DJs with superior MC and mixing skills are making this money for a reason. They are talented, experienced, and 100% committed to making sure the weddings they do are PERFECT. They are dedicated to the success of every celebration, and take the time to understand their clients to deliver exceptional results.  

A master at live mixing, the full-time professional DJ is constantly in tune with the latest music, and trending throwbacks. As an MC, they can balance the perfect amount of energy and enthusiasm with refinement and integrity for an unforgettable upscale wedding celebration. 

Putting a once-in-a-lifetime event in the hands of a true professional is often the best choice. Compared to the cost of many other excellent wedding vendors, the full-time professional DJ is a superior value. 

The more you know: You will find large DJ services in this price range who may assign a DJ to your wedding with little actual experience. Some DJs go from the application/audition process to DJing a once-in-a-lifetime wedding in just a year or two. Make sure you connect directly with the individual who will be your actual day-of DJ, and that you understand and feel confident in their personality and abilities to make your day great!




For the most part, the average wedding DJ costs about what they’re worth. But do you really want an “average” DJ? It’s also worth pointing out that there are poor-quality, amateur DJs charging way more than they should. This is why it’s so important to interview potential DJs to get a feel of whether they will be the right fit for you.

Make sure you focus on the DJ's experience, skill and personality as well as their prices. Bear in mind that your wedding DJ’s prices will change if you’re getting additional services like lighting packages or a photo booth

Remember, your DJ/MC will have a microphone in a room full of your friends and family. Make sure you can trust them to be a poised and enthusiastic public speaker without drawing undue attention to themselves, saying embarrassing things, or yelling at your guests in an attempt to get them “pumped up”. 

If you only ask yourself “What does a wedding DJ cost?” you’ll only be getting half the picture. You also need to consider what your DJ can do for you, and what the right professional DJ can add to your perfect wedding day.



At Night Music, we take pride that all of our couples know exactly who their very experienced DJ will be right from the start, and we really appreciate having a great connection!

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