Cocktails and Music. Yes Please!

Cocktail Party

The recipe for a fantastic cocktail party…

  1. Glamorous Guests
  2. Scrumptious Bites
  3. Tempting and Icy Beverages
  4. Awesome Tunes!

A great music playlist is essential to set the right vibe for a swingin’ celebration. This is our ongoing series of carefully curated cocktail party playlists designed to give you some great ideas for your next soiree. The guests, bites, and drinks are up to you. The perfect music? Let us share some great ideas.

We call this playlist Mix N’ Mingle. For fashionable hipsters.

Listen to the songs. To listen to the songs below you’ll need a Spotify account (it’s free!). Simply click a song below and you will be taken to the Spotify web site where you can sign up for free and listen to the playlist.

Night Music DJ and Fizzy Cat Photo Booth

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