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Jodi Night Music


"We do everything we can to make sure our brides and grooms are HAPPY, and that their guests are feeling welcome and included in the celebration. Add to that the perfect music mix, and we’ve got a wedding to remember!"

Dance Moves I Can Rock: I love to dance, and although I'm not ready for Dancing With The Stars, I could probably hold my own with that "history of dance You Tube guy." Some of my faves are Cha Cha, Twist, Running Man, Sprinkler ... and The Dougie.

Best Things I Can Cook: Thankfully, my husband is a great cook, so I'm more about the sweet stuff. I'm best at Buckeyes, No Bake Cookies, Pumpkin Bread, and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.

Favorite Movies: There are a bunch of movies I can watch over and over again. These include You've Got Mail, Remember The Titans, The Shawshank Redemption, Love Actually, and The Incredibles.


"We work hard at the start of every party to make sure that everyone knows to expect a great event. We want to make sure everyone trusts us to guide them through a night to remember."

Favorite Memory of a Wedding Reception: It would have to be the wedding that took place on a donkey farm. All the men in the bridal party wore kilts, the bride's father was an underwater photographer, and the bride came down the aisle on... you guessed it, a donkey. It was the most unique event with the most interesting people that I have ever attended.

Things I Do When I'm Not DJing: I love the outdoors. I enjoy riding my road bike, hiking in the mountains, and spending time with my fun wife and kids.

Rockin' Star Struck Moment: I bumped into Ben Folds at a Starbucks once... OK, I followed him there, and he entertained my questions on how he keeps his grand piano in tune while touring.

Steve Night Music


"A great Master of Ceremonies is someone who is not afraid to step up and make things happen. It's our job to make sure that event activities run smoothly and are perfectly timed."

Favorite moment at a wedding reception: Anniversary Dance - It is one special moment that I get to honor all of the married couples in the room and build my dance floor for the evening.

Things I do when I'm not DJing: I am a full-time Teacher-Librarian by day and DJ by night! I have a blast being a father of four children, as well as playing, teaching and building drums.

Concerts that were a blast: My all-time favorite concert was from Peter Gabriel's Shake That Tree tour, but most recently my wife and I enjoyed Alison Krauss for our wedding anniversary.


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